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    1. Finally my new Pet costume accessories are in my store! :) Cute neck ruffs and clown hats :) Look at my two little kitties that were so patient modeling them! Yes that’s me with Mai wearing my own neck ruff lol. yes I know i’m a bit bonkers :O

      You can buy them here in my store, I shall also be adding them to my Etsy Store tonight.

      My pet witch hats are still available to buy too :)

      Huge thanks once again to the wonderful photographer Katariina from Light Trick Photography!

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    A Celtic Artist and designer of Vintage, Burlesque and Gothic inspired clothing, accessories and Art. You can
    check out all my latest designs in my online store: www.emeraldangel.co.uk.

    This blog is about my designs, inspirations and general life and ramblings :)