Emerald Angel Designs

    1. Horror Movie Monsters Dress - One of my top sellers still available to buy from my store :)

      Horror Movie Monsters Kaufman Print Summer Dress.

      Cotton pleated skirt with Kaufman Horror Movie Monsters print on the body and skirt hem. Ties at back with attached waist sash.

      Zip at back.

      Cute bow at front waist.

      Available with black or red skirt.

      Delivery - This item is made to order, normally despatched within 10 working days, but during very busy periods can take up to 18 days to be despatched. Please feel free to email us to find out what our delivery schedule is at the moment.

      Your Size not listed? Other sizes can be made to order, just drop us an email.

      Professionally Handmade by us in the UK.

      Another hand crafted Design from EmeraldAngel!

      Product Ref: ea739

      Thank you to Photographer Katariina Jarvinen at Light Trick Photography& model Ally Holiday

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    A Celtic Artist and designer of Vintage, Burlesque and Gothic inspired clothing, accessories and Art. You can
    check out all my latest designs in my online store: www.emeraldangel.co.uk.

    This blog is about my designs, inspirations and general life and ramblings :)